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  Environnement Scientifique Intégré (ESI)


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Accessible à tous ceux ayant un compte sur le(s) environnement(s):

Selon l'environnement, le logiciel est disponible sur le(s) serveur(s) suivant(s).

   ESILBAC: esilbac1 et esilbac2
   ESILRCH: esilrch1 et esilrch2

Commandes disponibles: R est disponible uniquement en mode ligne de commande (non graphique). Pour l'utiliser, la commande est R.

Site officiel:

Information supplémentaire:
Voici la liste des librairies disponibles:

actuarActuarial functions
adaptadapt -- multidimensional numerical integration
baseThe R Base Package
bootBootstrap R (S-Plus) Functions (Canty)
CarbonELCarbon Event Loop
classFunctions for Classification
clusterCluster Analysis Extended Rousseeuw et al.
codetoolsCode Analysis Tools for R
copulaMultivariate Dependence with Copula
datasetsThe R Datasets Package
fBasicsRmetrics - Markets and Basic Statistics
fCalendarRmetrics - Chronological and Calendarical Objects
fEcofinEcofin - Economic and Financial Data Sets
fImportRmetrics - Economic and Financial Data Import
fMultivarRmetrics - Multivariate Market Analysis
foreignRead Data Stored by Minitab, S, SAS, SPSS, Stata, Systat, dBase, ...
fSeriesRmetrics - Financial Time Series Objects
fUtilitiesUtilities - Rmetrics Function Utilities
gamGeneralized Additive Models
graphicsThe R Graphics Package
grDevicesThe R Graphics Devices and Support for Colours and fonts
gridThe Grid Graphics Package
gWidgetsgWidgets API for building toolkit-independent, interactive GUIs
gWidgetsrJavaToolkit implementation of gWidgets for rJava
iplotsiPlots - interactive graphics for R
KernSmoothFunctions for kernel smoothing for Wand & Jones (1995)
latticeLattice Graphics
LogicRegLogic Regression
mapprojMap Projections
mapsDraw Geographical Maps
MASSMain Package of Venables and Ripley's MASS
methodsFormal Methods and Classes
mgcvGAMs with GCV smoothness estimation and GAMMs by REML/PQL
mnormtThe multivariate normal and t distributions
mvtnormMultivariate Normal and T Distribution
nlmeLinear and Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models
nnetFeed-forward Neural Networks and Multinomial Log-Linear Models
npmcNonparametric Multiple Comparisons
pearPackage for Periodic Autoregression Analysis
quadprogFunctions to solve Quadratic Programming Problems.
rcompgenCompletion generator for R
robustInsightful Robust Library
robustbaseBasic Robust Statistics
rpartRecursive Partitioning
RUnitR Unit test framework
scatterplot3d3D Scatter Plot
snThe skew-normal and skew-t distributions
spatialFunctions for Kriging and Point Pattern Analysis
splinesRegression Spline Functions and Classes
statsThe R Stats Package
stats4Statistical Functions using S4 Classes
survivalSurvival analysis, including penalised likelihood
tcltkTcl/Tk Interface
toolsTools for Package Development
tseriesTime series analysis and computational finance
utilsThe R Utils Package
waveslimBasic wavelet routines for one-, two- and three-dimensional signal processing
wavethreshSoftware to perform wavelet statistics and transforms.
zooZ's ordered observations

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